Survey at Silent Valley National Park (September 19-21, 2019)

Society for Odonate Studies conducted the second odonate survey in Silent Valley National Park.  The three-day event was inaugurated by Silent Valley Wildlife Warden, Samuel Vanlalngheta Pachuau.   Survey was conducted in 11 locations across the core and buffer areas of Silent Valley National Park. Around 25 Odonata watchers from across the state of Kerala were participated in the Survey.

The survey documented 75 species of dragonflies and damselflies including 8 new species, bringing the total number of odonate in Silent Valley to 91 species. One of the important findings of the survey is the documentation of Hemicordulia asiatica.  This is only the second sighting of this rare dragonfly which was re-reported from Periyar in 2017 after a period of 80 years.  Other important observations include Macrogomphus wynadiccus, Palpopleura sexmaculata, Epithemis mariae, Agriocnemis splendidissima, Phylloneura westermani and Lestes dorothea

The survey has reported a general decline in population of many of the common dragonflies, especially the migratory species, Pantala flavescens.  Experts are of the opinion that this could be the aftereffect of the successive floods.

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