The objectives of the Society is to promote the science of Odonatology, the study of the insect order Odonata consisting of dragonflies and damselflies. The mandate of the Society will be to:

  • Assist, institute, conduct and promote scientific research in Odonatology, the natural history, ecology and conservation of the species, habitats and ecosystems with and within which odonates coexist
  • Educate, advocate, create awareness and popularize Odonatology and to develop facilities that disseminate such awareness
  • Initiate and scientifically develop innovative solutions to species, habitats and landscape conservation problems that are sensitive to the socio-economic realities and aspirations of people
  • Provide consultations and advice to governments, public and private sector organizations, both national and international, on odonate conservation and environmental impacts, as and when required
  • Develop and promote programmes to restore damaged and degraded areas to habitats conducive to odonates and other biodiversity
  • Develop and establish ex-situ conservation programmes for odonates and threatened wildlife
  • Enter into appropriate agreement with the custodians and owners of land and waterbodies with significant odonatological and other biodiversity values, so as to manage, or have managed, such lands for odonate and nature conservation
  • Publish scientific literature in Odonatology, natural history and biodiversity conservation
  • Disseminate knowledge among the public by conducting awareness programmes, training programs, workshops and development of resource materials
  • Conduct systematic surveys and exploration in Western Ghats and other sensitive eco-regions in India to study odonates
  • Constitute awards and scholarships to individuals and organizations in recognition of their contribution to odonate conservation and research
  • Collaborate with government agencies, non-governmental organizations and individuals engaged in biodiversity conservation and research
  • Develop partnerships with other institutions, organizations or individuals, in such manner as to achieve common objectives