Survey at Periyar Tiger Reserve (September 28-30, 2019)

The third odonata survey of Periyar Tiger Reserve was conducted on the last week of September (28-30 of September 2019).  The survey was jointly organized by Society for Odonate Studies and Periyar Tiger Conservation Foundation.  Over the years, from merely being a biodiversity survey, the Periyar Odonata Survey has now evolved into an annual gathering of odonata enthusiasts all over the country.  Around 70 volunteers from various states participated in this year’s survey.

The survey was conducted in 18 camps and a total of 91 species were documented.  This species count is the highest for PTR, comparing to 80 species in 2017 and 86 species in 2018.  The current survey has added 4 new species to the checklist of PTR.   Notable observations include Protosticta monticola, Pseudagrion australasiae and two species of Macromia.

The Odonata count of Periyar Tiger Reserve now stands at 103 species making it the number one protected area in Kerala in terms of Odonata diversity. 

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